Sunday, September 17, 2006

Woke up on Sunday morning...

...and I got a call from MCF (Yes, I know him and no, I won't reveal him) to take some pictures. I mentioned a local and he said "That's right by me." I jumped in the car and sped on over to start our day.

We ended up finding a tranquil Japanese garden; a lake with some ginormous fish; and a Renaissance Fair...near a beach. And yes, "ginormous" is indeed a word. We then passed a church that I was once at many years ago (see next paragraph).

At that church, I had taken a similar gargoyle picture back in the early 90s and caught something weird on film (back when 35mm was the norm.) I was shooting at 1/2000th of a second and caught something blurred in the sky. It must have been moving FAST. I'll leave it up to you to decide. Those are at the end of this post, but can also be seen at b13design under "Photos (A little bit o'everything)" along with a slew of other photos. Be patient...the site is being updated and may not be fully uploaded yet.

First stop...The Japanese Garden.

Stone Lantern

Log Bridge

Moss Path

Black Stone Path


Flute Player


Rooted Tree


Aphid 1

Aphid 2

Aphid 3

Second...The Renaissance Fair. And a beach with a series of 4.


Door to Nowhere

King of Death


Birds of a Different Feather ALSO Flock Together

Crab Series 1 to 4

Got Wood?

Third...Three from the cleanest swamp I've ever seen.

Schools Out


The Walk

And last but not least... the Gargoyle that I revisited at the church.

Here is the orignal with an enhancement on the left. Remember...1/2000th of a second. Weird.

And a Gargoyle at the back of the church to bid thee farewell.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Third times a charm...

Late night and going through some pics from recent outings. I need to go out more
though. I find myself online more often than I am out in the fresh air.

And on that note I need to return to my online gaming match. enjoy the pics and I hope to have another interesting batch up soon.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's a macro thing!

When you hear the word universe you think BIG! But I think small... I have always loved macro photography as well as microscopic photography (I wish I could get a hold of a microscope and camera attachment). Donations anybody? Anybody?

Ok, anyway, through the years I have gotten progressively better cameras and in the past few years I have made the shift to digital. I started with a 1.3MP Olympus camera and then moved to a 4MP Olympus. I now shoot with a 8MP 8800 Nikon with a 10X zoom and a built in Macro that is to-die-for.

I'll switch to an SLR for the non-existant shutter lag as soon as I can afford to buy the seperate lenses but I absolutely love the camera I have.

Now that I have fully bored you... its on to the pictures. Enjoy.