Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Project graffiti... by you : for us... by me : for you...

Here is a little experiment. You don't need mad Photoshop™ skillz! You don't have to be an M$ paint guru. You just need... a vision.

Click the below image and download the desktop sized image to your machine. Then, add your art any way you want. Use a program to paint on it. Make a photo collage. Print it out... have a child draw on it... scan it back in to your machine or photograph it and upload it. Be creative.

Finally, post it on your blog or website and leave a comment here so that people can click YOUR link and visit YOUR page to see YOUR creation... YOUR vision... YOUR art!

Click for full size...

Click for full size...

Fellow graffiti artists:

Spiritual Tramp

My Life Ministries


Bob Buchter

Southern Conservative

JC @ castleruins

One Day You Will

The Visual Image

I'll continue to add links as they come through.
Spread the word. Spread the vision.


Darrell said...

You know, I think I actually learned a little bit about how to use my image editing software while I piddled around with this.

Carletta said...

Really touching Joseph.

You were a cute little guy. ;)

I so loved this challenge. When I get my laptop back with all my software on it I'm going to do another one for fun.

b13 said...

Were? :( boo-hoo

LOL ;)

JC said...

This was a lot of fun, and I may do more also! Very cool idea, thanks!

Britt said...

I've just joined in your project! It's fun :)

Ms. A said...

Cool idea.. I've been meaning to get around to this all week. here it is...