Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Old stuff lasts...

I have a radio sitting on my desk at work that I use everyday. I had gotten it in my early teen years over 20 years ago. It is banged up and bruised... but it does not fail me.

My TV, on the other hand, is about three years old and has gone in for repair three times. At this point it can't be properly fixed and I am getting a prorated rebate that does not match the value of the set and the aggravation involved with it.

What happened to products that last?


Tatman said...

Hear, hear! Amen. Luckily I haven't had the funds to buy a newr TV, but I have other "newer" appliances that don't work as well as the old ones did. My stereo being one of them. You've got a banging boom box there, bro! The Graphic EQ and the tape counter make it the BOMB! Thanks.

Fenway said...

Great little the graphic equalizer.

I've got a Sony boombox from the Bananarama days that's so old it's got the cassette deck & EQ. I'm with Tatman...the tape counter is priceless!