Friday, December 18, 2009

WIIF? #148

Carletta saw a pattern in the hints last week.

Here is What Is It Friday? #148

Flo busts out some classic grooves.

The fine print: On Fridays I will post an image in hopes that visitors will leave a guess in the comment section. The following Friday (or when someone guesses correctly) I will post a wide shot of the item. Each Friday a NEW image, along with a link to the previous weeks post, will be posted.

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Flo said...

Sanding disc?
bike tire?
rollerblade/skateboard wheel?

b13 said...

Sanding disc? Nope
bike tire? Nope
rollerblade/skateboard wheel? Nope

Flo said...

a vinyl LP?

Carletta said...

I agree with Flo - that is what it looks like but it probably isn't. ;)
Wouldn't be that easy!

Christine said...

Bike tire?
Rubber door mat?

Christine said...

I just realized that someone already said Bike tire and that was a no.

How about the top of a dog grooming table with whitening powder on it?

Tatman said...

I gotta go with the Flo and say that it's a vinyl record. The grooves make it look too much like one to not be one.

b13 said...

Wow! Some of you were burning the midnight oil!

Flo is tearing it up at 33-1/3 rpm :) a record baby. Right round, round-round

Tatman said...

So I know you've done cds, and now you've done an LP. I'll bet you've got a few cassette and 8 track tapes laying around somewhere. Maybe for future WIIFs???

b13 said...

I could be wrong, but I thought I did a cassette once. I'm losing track ;)