Monday, October 06, 2008

'Stang show : Sayville, Long Island... Post 1 of 3...

I took a bunch of pictures at this car show and will post them over the next couple of days. Although it was a Mustang show there were a few people there with other types of classic cars. My favorite 'Stang there is below (last four shots) and was for sale. Remember though, If you have to ask how much... you can't afford it.

This is the one. My sister owned a Mustang II when I was a little kid and I never thought it was very sporty compared to other 'Stangs that I had seen. Little did I know what it could have been. The guy that put this car together has some "mad skillz."

Look at the size of those rear tires!

And the reason for the size of the rear tires and the wheelie bar... LOOK AT THAT FREAKIN' ENGINE!!!


sealaura said...

Love all things shiny! very crisp, nice shots.

Jamie Dawn said...

Cool pics, but I must confess that I don't know a thing about cars. If I saw a crime committed and was asked what kind of car the criminal sped away in, all I'd be able to do is give the color of the car. I'd probably be able to give a good description of the criminal though.