Friday, October 10, 2008

WIIF #86

Blondkit10 kept the temperature constant last week.

Here is What Is It Friday? #86

When the big hand meets the little hand Laura gets the win!

The fine print: On Fridays I will post an image in hopes that visitors will leave a guess in the comment section. The following Friday (or when someone guesses correctly) I will post a wide shot of the item. Each Friday a NEW image, along with a link to the previous weeks post, will be posted.


Fenway said...

A bicycle tire...and that would be the spokes at the top!

Rebecca said...

I agree with Fenway - bike, or motorcycle. Some kind of tire

b13 said...

A bicycle tire? Nope

bike? Nope

motorcycle? Nope

Some kind of tire? Nope

Anonymous said...

windows of some sort?

b13 said...

windows of some sort? Nope

Laura said...

a clock face?