Monday, September 22, 2008

That's Amoré...

When your wife holds your hand
at the beach; in the sand.
That's Amoré!

If you're sitting in mass;
next to you sits a lass.
That's Amoré!

If she sits in the pew
and she holds hands with you.
That's Amoré!

If she stays many years;
through the sweat and the tears.

I didn't have any more witty lines but feel free to leave some in the comments section.


Fenway said...

If she calls just to say
"Hearing your voice makes my day!"
That's amore!

If she gets up at dawn,
And works hard all day long—
That's amore!

b13 said...

:) I like!

Rachel said...

If she's wonderful in every way
And always brightens your day

That's amore!!

Carletta said...

If you're sitting on the couch
And he apologizes for being a crouch
That's Amore!