Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Chance leaps <--- Click to see my Critter ;)

They don't make it easy but the above link should bring you directly to the "Chance Leaps" photo that I submitted to 1010wins. To vote you can search the page for keywords "Chance Leaps" and when you see the little picture you can click the button and then click "Vote" at the bottom of the page.

JC says: they only let you vote once (by IP) but for your readers using Windows... use the "Find" under "Edit" to save yourself some trouble, time and eyesight ;-)

Those using a Mac can press Apple F and type "Chance Leaps" select the little picture and vote at the bottom of the page :) AND THANKS!

Camera Critters


Fenway said...

We've got 4 computers, so he'll get 4 votes from Fenway's den. Meanwhile, I'll post this on his blogspot.

As you know, never underestimate the Power of the Paw!

Carletta said...

Chance got my vote! :)

Fenway said...

Dogs With Blogs has been coming through for Chance. I posted it on their DWB Message Board/Events category.

It's mos' def the best photo. And of course, the best doggie.

Rachel said...

Chance got my vote!! I wanted to wish you and yours a very wonderful Thanksgiving!

ratmammy said...

that is so cutE!