Thursday, April 17, 2008

"It's not satanic! I swear!"...

MCF (left), Pollaris13 (right) and I (middle) walk into a bar... wait, wrong story... we walk into a park and follow a path through some woods. A clearing emerges and a field of what were once pretty wildflowers is now before us as dried stalks a plenty.

There are two paths... do you go left or right... wait a minute! This isn't choose your own adventure.

We pass a group of young teenagers and one chunky kid tells his friends "I'll be right back. I just want to see what's around this bend." We laughed about this thinking we just entered a bad Long Island horror flick.

Through the thicket of "once were flowers" brought us to a clearing with a circle of rocks surrounded by a circle of trees. Pollaris13 decides that this area needs a pentagram and sends me to collect sticks. I hear an evil laugh escape his lips as he explains it is not an evil symbol but pagan in nature.

MCF steps back, fearing that a portal is about to open that will spew forth demons and brimstone. I snap a picture of us looking at our handiwork and chuckle as we discuss what fun it would be if it appeared on the evenings local news: "SATANIC RITUALISTIC ALTER FOUND AT AREA PARK!"

Hey, we didn't leave a body there... wait... isn't that that chunky kid we saw a while back on the trail?

I go back to look at my photo and realize that the sun hit that center stick in such a way that it created a satanic... I mean pagan... arrow pointing right at Pollaris13. Maybe MCF should have been a little more diligent when he tried to warn me.

I feel like a freakin' goonie stuck in Stand By Me. I wonder who came across that scene after we left... ;)


MCF said...

Oh, good, you Photoshopped out his demon wings. Wouldn't want to scare folks.

I still can't believe we saw the formulaic horror movie quintet of the two couples and the fat kid.

MCF said...

And this pic would probably work great in the "When you see it..." format that Sean has up.

JFargo said...

ow that's pretty funny. :) I love the story behind the picture, and the "arrow."

Fenway said...

Hilarious....if Newsday saw this they'd run a story about a Wiccan coven on LI.

As far as that that a sign of a satanic harmonic convergence? hahaha

b13 said...

"As far as that that a sign of a satanic harmonic convergence?"

You obviously have met my friend Pollaris13! ;)