Friday, April 18, 2008

WHAT is going on today?...

Do you want to hear about the day that was my day? Here it is in a nutshell (and we'll get to that in a minute)...

I had a mason coming over to fix some pointing towards the top of my chimney and needed to hit an ATM for some ducketts to pay the man. Of course, the ATM at work was busted so I took a trip to my bank.

After I got my withdrawal and headed to the front of the bank I found a crisp $100 bill and picked it up. I was going to call the evil voice (wife) to talk me into keeping it but realized my phone was at work. Then I figured that I was probably being recorded by ten different cameras (I hope they got my good side... wait... what good side?) and that karma would get the best of me if I kept it. So I decided to ask for a manager and explain that I had just found this inside their bank.

I was greeted with a smile and look of amazement because anyone else would have kept it... I bet that manager had lunch on me today :(

Don't get me wrong... If I had found that outside, I would have kept it... But I believe in karma. I thought to myself that if I kept it, the mason might tell me I needed a lot more work than originally estimated and would end up paying even more.

I felt good about the situation though because the bank is in a less fortunate neighborhood and if someone does call and say they left the bank and realized they were missing a Benjamin, they might get back their rent money (or Friday night fix). Ain't I an optimist about society?

I went back to work, called my wife and wondered if she would bitch-slap me through the phone; but hey... it wasn't rightfully mine right?

The day goes on and I leave work a little early to come home and pay the mason. What greeted me outside was this little fella. (Cell phone pic... sorry)

And he is LITTLE! About the size of a small chipmunk. And I just couldn't leave him in the street of out parking lot :( So I called up to a fellow employee to come down and check him out. I then called the wife and then the family vet to see if they could direct me to a wildlife helpline. All the while he was crawling on my bag, on my foot, and nibbling at my sneaker.

Of course, when I called that number, they had closed at 4 and would not be back till Monday. So, what to do? I looked in a dumpster and found a small box... scooped up the munchkin and took him to a nearby area with some trees and grass in hopes a bigger squirrel will help him out.

I had my friend go back inside and get a cup with water and some leftover cake to crumble up. While he was doing that I set up his box shelter near the tree. I then looked around and found an orange near a picnic table that I cut in half and left in the box for him.

I noticed another friend walking in the parking lot and called her over to see. We all stood around and the baby actually tried to climb the tree and got up a good 6 feet before perching up to rest.

I then saw an adult squirrel foraging nearby. I circled around to try and get it to go over by the baby as my friends backed away towards the parking lot and over by my car. I then hear the girl that I called over say "Oh my God! I just found $15 over here!"... to which I replied "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

She mentioned that she was going to Foxwoods tomorrow and the money was well needed. Needed or wanted ;) you decide.

At that point I figured there was nothing more to do for the squirrel babe but hope for the best. I had set up a shelter with food and water and sent an adult in its direction. We all went to our cars and on our ways home.

I paid the mason and learned that the chimney was missing a two foot section of flue which caused the heat to destroy the brick from the inside. They replaced the section and fixed the bricks for the price they originally estimated.

Now I have a call in to our oil company for a cleaning and to see if there is any old flue at the base of the chimney that needs to be removed.

I think things happen for a reason... If the ATM was not broken I would not have gone to the bank and found that $100. Someone else may have pocketed it. If I had not left a little early that squirrel may have been splattered by a car leaving the parking area. If I had not called over my friend she would have gotten in her car and not found the $15. So, did these things happen today for a reason bigger than I could imagine? Was someone watching my deeds? Or am I just $115 poorer than I could have been?


Stacey Huston said...

B13, good job today. But I would suggest at least calling your local game and fish dept (or fish and game, depending on where you are) and telling them about the squirl. If a cat or something find the squirl it is dead. and If the other squirl isn't its mother it won't help either. The Game warden(home number should be in phone book in the state/county section) should pick it up and know where to take it. Catch you later and thanks for doing the right thing.

MCF said...

You really took Rey's comment to heart about blogging mostly photos to be an "easy out", huh? I had to doublecheck that I wasn't on MY blog when I saw all that text. =)

Hopefully the Squirrel will be okay. I'm not sure if any of the rabbits over there will bother it, but I do remember the occasional feline on the prowl at that campus. At least it was able to climb the tree, and will hopefully have enough instinct to stay up and out of harm's way.

BeccaDink said...

I was so thinking the same thing MCF!! That's too funy! But Laura and I were just talking the other day about how funny your comments are on others blogs and how we wished you would write more.

Glad you are - and glad to see there are some honest - animal loving people out in the world still!!

JC said...

What an adventure you had... the hundred bucks dilemma, that's a hard one. I believe in karma, too... but I also believe in finders keepers, losers weepers (unless I saw who dropped it).

Guess it would depend on my mood, need and quick thought... first you have to nonchalantly step on the bill, then pretend to tie your shoe to scoop it up! Lol... don't judge me... I'd have to actually be in the situation to know how I'd react... go ahead... test me ;-)

Good luck to your squirrel...

Fenway said...

Glad you did the right thing with the benjamin. Figure it this way....

$100 free money = nice score, but easy come easy go.
Feeling real good about yourself = priceless


In my book, knowing you at least tried to return the money to the rightful owner is a moment in time that you will remember the rest of your life.

As JT sings, "What goes around comes around."

PS: I once saved a tiny baby rat that was trapped in the middle of a busy Georgetown intersection at rush hour. We released the baby rat in a nearby park. People laughed and jeered...what the hell. It was too pitiful to watch and not do anything.

Laura said...

Something about a guy with integrity when no one is looking when it is not easy to do the 'right' thing.


Scott said...

Character's all about what you do when no one is looking. And I think everyone would agree that you're a character! Great story.