Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Your vote is needed... more than ever!

WASHINGTON ROAD needs more votes!
Spread the word! Help WASHINGTON ROAD win!

Years ago I worked on some low budget films with a director that became a good friend of mine. One of more recent films is in a contest and your vote is needed.

Here is a link to vote for his film WASHINGTON ROAD. His film has been chosen to compete in REEL 13 Shorts Contest by WNET. The contest runs from today until Thursday. If he wins, WASHINGTON ROAD will be show on TV on Saturday night on WNET and his daughter's college account can grow a little.


sealaura said...

how cool! I hope it wins. My vote's in!

Fistful Of Donuts said...

I watched all three films and actually thought that Washington Road really was the best of the three ... so I got my vote in.