Monday, January 12, 2009

Four days of Frisbee... day three...

"Warm-up? Pa-shaw! Who needs a warm-up?"

"D'oh! Nobody saw that, did they?"

"That was a bad throw! I blame the Masters!"

"Told ya! I'll nail it high...

...or even low!"

"You toss it and I'll catch it!"

Tomorrow we'll test the Wag!

Camera Critters


Rachel said...

Such agility!!!

Fenway said...

My frustration with work just evaporated! Why didn't I think of logging on sooner to watch The Pro in action?

Marvelous shots...she looks really fine.

Carmi said...

She is amazing! You've got me thinking that we should give it a shot with our too-much-energy-for-his-own-good miniature schnauzer. Then again, he'll probably just end up barking at the moon :)

Misty Dawn said...

My Molly loves to play catch with her ball. She's not big on frisbee though.