Thursday, March 12, 2009

Polar Bears... Stragglers...

I have to admit... He was actually the first one in. Brave little kid!

"Hands up, baby hands up, Give me your heart,
gimme gimme your heart, Gimme gimme"

This little piggy went to the freezer..."

I know I dropped my phone right... about... here...

All joking aside. These are the lingerers. They hung out in the water and splashed around for a while and then it got too cold for me (and I was in a coat and hat)!

I wonder if I made the local news?

And this concludes the Polar Bear plunge!


Carletta said...

That look on the little guys face is priceless - hooray for him!
I love the pinkie shot.

Fenway said...

Those little kids are NUTTY! haha
I bet he was up all night planning his plunge. GREAT shot, great expression.