Monday, July 20, 2009

Bonus on the set of The Bounty...

So I get a call before lunch from a good friend of mine and he says that Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are on his dead end shooting scenes for the upcoming movie, The Bounty. Not only did I jet there before lunch, but I had to go back after work with a "real" camera. The cell just wasn't hacking it... and I needed to see Jennifer ::drool::

I handed off my camera so that I could get in a few shots and this was one of those awkward "in-between moments."

If it wasn't for these two I wouldn't have gotten so close. Thanks guys!

This dude was working security for the equipment and was one of the nicest guys on set.

Gerard's little girl Lolita actually walked over for some "scritches" from me :)

She made eye contact, waved, and smiled... ::melts::

Jennifer was surrounded by "her people" and didn't get too close to her fans.

But we still love her.

One of the hired EMTs on the set was asleep in the ambulance... while the other worked on her needlepoint.

This was one tricked out Mercedes.

Suped up brakes. Blacked out lights. Monochromatic gray paint and a camera rack that probably costs more than my car.

We saw her collecting the clothes after the set wrapped.

Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway (NY 135) closed down for a day of shooting. An oddity on Long Island.

Workers setting up the shot.

Another "on set" worker.

Me with the Delta 88 that might soon be famous :)


Carletta said...

I'm so envious!!!!

Fenway said...

This is a VERY cool post. Fascinating Jen + her peeps (the dude to her right looks like ultra serious muscle) and most of all the rigged up Mercedes. Thanks for posting all the behind the scenes stuff.

That's big time to close the Seaford-Oyster Bay favorite road from Huntington down to Captree Bridge.

JunieRose2005 said...

WOW!! Very cool experience for you!!

I enjoyed all the pics!


Tatman said...

Damn! That is awesome! Looks like it was fun.