Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Observe.... Understand.... Report....

Check out the beta of Sputnik Observatory.

Check out the blog. Peruse the videos. Leave your mark.

An excerpt from their mission:

The mission of Sputnik Observatory is to be the world’s foremost institute dedicated to the study of contemporary culture. Sputnik Observatory manifests this commitment by documenting, archiving and disseminating the ideas that are shaping the arts, sciences and technology....The ultimate purpose of Sputnik Observatory is to foster the interconnection of ideas. Its aim is to create and facilitate a dialogue between academia and the people, the established and the emerging, and the future and the now, in an environment that is responsive to the principles of democracy, while being accessible to curious minds everywhere.

Their Vision:

All that is unseen can be seen
you can see through the doors
there are no walls
it is a world waiting to be explored
real time.

Under the sea
up by the stars
on the street
right where you are
can you feel it?

Would you want to share what's there
with me
and him
and them
could we own it?

If I tell you that there is more of that which is…
can you see it?
For there is a space out of time where dreams fly
possibilities arise
just open your eyes…
out there is your mind.

Their Credo:

ideas are not selfish.
ideas are not viruses.
ideas survive because they fit in with the rest of life.

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