Friday, July 24, 2009

WIIF? #127

Carletta took a not so speedy victory last week, but it was a victory none the less.

Here is What Is It Friday? #127

Rebecca quickly rose to glory this day!

The fine print: On Fridays I will post an image in hopes that visitors will leave a guess in the comment section. The following Friday (or when someone guesses correctly) I will post a wide shot of the item. Each Friday a NEW image, along with a link to the previous weeks post, will be posted.


Tatman said...

Stained glass? Possibly a star in the lower corner?

Tatman said...

Coworker John thinks it's a denim handbag.

Rebecca said...

A flag?


blondkit10 said...

I'm with Rebecca... I think it looks like the corner of an American Flag

b13 said...

Rebecca waves in for a win! The stars and stripes wave proudly.

Carletta said...

That's what I get for being late!