Saturday, August 29, 2009

Went up the water spout...

Two different spiders. Three different pictures.

That first one is an itty-bitty thing. That little lip he is on is a PVC cap on a pipe. This critter couldn't have been more than a few millimeters across.

These next two shots are of a spider that I have seen more and more of on the island in recent years. I even had some pictures of one up here last year.

Although this one was quite small, I remember the same type getting quite big. Not "Texas big" mind you... but big enough for my backyard.

Eat those skeeters little fellers. The more the merrier!

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i beati said...


NellJean said...

Great Spider captures. They're wonderful garden friends.

myponderings said...

The thought of spiders makes my skin crawl, but you really got some great shots of them... great detail.

Snap said...

Great shots! Spiders and their webs are some of my favorite things as long as they are outside and not on me!

Carletta said...

The green guy is pretty cool and better you than me taking the shots! ;)
Always great macros!