Friday, August 29, 2008

WIIF #80

Pickle (no link supplied... so I supplied my own) soaked the competition last week!

Here is What Is It Friday? #80

Tatman had time on his side and nabs this weeks "WIIF?"!
I'm getting out early today so I'll see about getting another image for you all.

The fine print: On Fridays I will post an image in hopes that visitors will leave a guess in the comment section. The following Friday (or when someone guesses correctly) I will post a wide shot of the item. Each Friday a NEW image, along with a link to the previous weeks post, will be posted.


Anonymous said...

It definitely looks metallic. Is is a padlock?

Tatman said...

Possibly a very scratched up link in a watch band?

timtim said...

gears of something

timtim said...

ps, your pickle link cracked me up. (that sounds very wrong...)

b13 said...

Tatman steals the show this week (I knew this was too easy) I'll see if I can drum something up later.

Tatman said...

I only knew this because I have 2 watches that have similar scratches. Sweet!