Monday, February 25, 2008

Brisk stroll...

I want to go out
But it is so cold
A town stroll is calling
It never gets old

My fur is so short though
I'm sure I will shiver
And if I am lucky
Master will buy liver

She takes out my collar
She takes out my leash
One last visit please
To my water deesh
(I had to reach for that one)

A box from the closet
Is opened as well
And what my eyes see
I agree is swell

It's orange and gray
Has a fold at my neck
Wraps around my belly
To keep me warm on our trek



byalip said...

Paws soggy,
Brain foggy,
Weather boggy,
Poor doggie.

Jamie Dawn said...

A photographer AND a poet??!!
Well done!

Those skinny dogs usually shiver with nervousness even when it's not cold. Poor things need a Xanax.
I bet that doggie is proud of his orange outfit and glad for the warmth too, also, as well.

Happy Monday!

Ming the Merciless said...

At least it wasn't a shivering chihuahua!