Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Many things inspired me today. MCF's video through the trees, which in turn was inspired by “the greek,” got me to set up my camera for a video of the ride home. In the nervous rush to start and stop the video process in traffic I failed to realize that I inadvertently switched the dial from movie to scene and ended up with 18 blurry pictures of my dashboard. I’ll try again tomorrow...

Today I also went to a local middle school with a colleague for career day. We were there to tell the kids about our jobs and the choices we have made. While there I met a local mayor, a judge, a fireman, a makeup artist, and a claims investigator to name a few. But one man stood out to me. He was there as a guest of an orthopedic prosthetic maker.

Edward lost his leg below the knee when he was 16 and lived in Poland. He was waiting for a bus in a crowd of people but the bus driver lost control while approaching the crowd and Edward was hit and badly hurt. Although he has lost his leg he has competed in the paralympic games in 1984 and again in 1992. He is an accomplished swimmer, water skier, and volleyball player as well as other sports.

Edward also works for a company on Long Island that makes all sorts of prosthetics; from arms to legs... robotic and hardwired to the human brain. They are a tremendous help to our soldiers that lose so much to protect our freedom. The leg he wore today was made by his own hands as a tribute to our servicemen and women as well as this great country of ours.

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